• Teaching DEFENSE

    Coach, A.J., works with a small group teaching DEFENSE, one of the most important parts of the game

  • Powerball Advanced Training Class

    In our Powerball Advanced Training Class, Coach Scott initiates a ball handling drill focusing on perfecting the ability to switch hands without looking down. The cones create an obstacle forcing players to go side to side. No matter the players’ height, ball handling skills are essential for individual talent as well as for supporting the team.

  • Fun While They Learn

    Our 5-6 year old Pee Wee Blue team is looking pretty cool while Coach Val explains a collapsing 2-1-2 zone defense!!! That’s because they know it’s all about having fun while they learn.

  • Learning To Dribble Correctly Takes Practice.

    Learning to dribble correctly takes practice. Most beginners have a tendency to slap the ball rather than push it. Using the player’s hand and her own, Coach Amarylys demonstrates the proper way to do it.

  • I’M OPEN

    In our Powerball Program (ages 12-15) Coach Jon calls for the ball in a practice game where the coaches are playing with their players. Our students learn much more when watching the coaches in a game, rather than just listening to them give instructions from the sideline. This is one of many techniques that First Shot uses to motivate and elevate our players.

  • Eyes Off The Ball

    Eyes Off The Ball…Coach Joe is teaching our students to dribble with one hand and high-five their team mates with the other. Why? To be a good ball handler, one must be able to dribble and know what’s going on around them. If their eyes are on the ball, they won’t get a sense of the other players on the court.

  • Watch The Play Unfold

    Watch the play unfold. Coaches A.J. and Jon demonstrate how to set a pick and then roll to the basket for an easy lay-up. This play takes teamwork, something we constantly stress at First Shot

  • Spirit of Friendship

    In the spirit of friendship, First Shot class mates congratulate each other on Award Day. The spring semester comes to an end but, over the season, students have created bonds that will continue off the court. This year, they received the first ever First Shot Hot Shot T-shirt as an award of a job well done and in celebration of First Shot’s 20th year! It’s not always about basketball, building relationships and working well together counts as an essential part of First Shot.

  • Advanced Olympix Class

    This is what we’re working on in our Advanced Olympix Class. Executing a perfect Fast Break takes teamwork and many skills. Dribbling, finding your teammates, throwing a perfect pass and, of course, making the layup. At First Shot, we have been teaching these skills since 1997, and will continue in our Summer Scoring Clinic

  • Graduation Award Day

    In order to receive a trophy on graduation Award Day each player must do a ball trick. We are not quite sure what this young player was doing, but it certainly amused Coach Val. Congratulations to all of our graduates! Great job.

  • Perfect Foul Shot Form

    Notice the perfect form on this foul shot. See how the shooter’s feet are slightly angled so that his right shoulder is turned towards the hoop. And his fingers have “followed” the ball into the basket.
    These are just 2 of the 4 steps in our DEFT shooting system which we will be teaching in our Scoring Clinic this summer.
    There are still several spots available for July and August, so please call for more information. 718.275.7974.