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We continue to ask our parents HOW WE ARE DOING because we view our program as a work in progress with our goal being continued improvement. We ask for your comments, criticisms and suggestions so that we learn, from your point of view, how we are doing. We look forward to delivering all your expectations and welcome everything you have to say. The better our program, the happier your children will be.

The comments below come directly from our parents. We are proud to share them with you.

Joel, Joan, and the First Shot staff

This has been such an amazing experience for Julian and I'm not sure who looks forward to class more him or me lol We wish it was offered in the summer but will be sure to sign up for the fall. Can't say enough positive comments about the coaches and overall program!

Michelle, Julian’s Mom


Hi! We thought you’d be happy to hear that Jordana was selected for the YCQ Girls’ Varsity team this school year. We all wanted to thank Joel and all of the coaches for the wonderful training over the past 3 years!
– Jordana's mother, Jamaica

My son Dylan completed his 5th consecutive season of First Shot @ PS 203. In that time, Coach Val has played a significant role in building his confidence in basketball but more importantly in his day to day. I cannot say enough what your program has done for him. He played extremely well with confidence in the last game scoring, stealing, and rebounding like an MVP.
Unfortunately, our schedule does not permit him from joining the upcoming season. We will have to see how things line up the next season. We will continue to promote and recommend First Shot to our friends and family.
Please send my gratitude to Coach Val.
Hope to see you again soon.
– Dylan’s father, Jamaica
This program you have, to allow our kids to be able to be athletic while having fun is extraordinary. Thank you letting my son have an exceptional experience that he will cherish forever. Zaharia had a great time, he didn’t want to leave and he told coach Jon he wants to be there every day.
– Zaharia’s mother, Jamaica
Hanna had a great time during the class and is eager to continue!
Jon and the other coaches are very dedicated and engage the children throughout the 2 hours, non stop. Great team indeed. Looking forward to the next class!
– Hanna's mother, Jamaica
Thank you for having the First Shot Basketball classes. Natalie learned a great deal. She feels better prepared to try out for the high school team next fall.
The coaching staff was just wonderful. I so appreciate their positive, encouraging attitudes and words. It was great to see them finding teachable moments throughout the games each week and pausing to make sure the kid or kids knew what and why the coach was calling attention to something. Many times I saw the coaches speak to a student one-on-one to give them specific feedback. Those are the times that can have a big impact on a student (at least my kids anyway) – personal coaching to make sure the student gets the message.
Thank you to you, Val, Scott and Jon– GREAT JOB!
– Natalie's mom, Jamaica
I’m at class with Jordan now. It’s his first class and I am loving this!! The kids are so happy and the instructors are great!
Happy parent,
– Jordan's mom, Jamaica
Thank you for providing such a wonderful program.
Caruso learned skills and had a smile on his face. The goals I had in mind for him were all accomplished.
Your coaches provided a safe warm atmosphere for him.
Warmest regards,
– Caruso's grandfather, Jamaica
To the entire team at 1st shot I applaud you! Standing ovation!! I’ve been around the basketball community for years and this program is the best kept secret! Whether the goal is recreation or skills development the program targets kids first! No egos, no bullying just a family environment. Kids can be kids! What I love most about the program is that it teaches kids to be confident in themselves! A big plus in any book. I can’t wait until next year!
– Roy’s father, Jamaica
I like the idea that Karyn is being taught how to set personal goals. Now that I think about it, the concept of goal-setting was never mentioned in all my years of schooling. This is a valuable lesson. Great job.
– T.K., Ozone Park
Hi, this is Nicolas’ mom. I can’t believe you are leaving us for such a long time, I just told Nick about it and he got so upset. All of you are great with the kids the way you teach and perform in class is incredible. I would like to thank you. You do so much in our kids’ lives. Have a wonderful summer and we will definitely see you back in fall.
– Nicolas’ mom
My husband and I have been so pleased with First Shot’s work the last couple of years. Coach Val and the rest of the crew are just so wonderful and patient with the kids. I can’t say enough good things about your program. We love how you encourage teamwork and the love of a great sport. Thank you!
– Rob & Sharen, Bronx, NY
Hi Joan. On behalf of myself, my husband and our son Chris, we absolutely love the program, our son was so happy in it and has slowly started coming out of his shell. The instructors were awesome (especially Val) and the children all loved them. He has so much energy and is awesome with kids. Thank you very much. My Chris is still carrying that trophy around. What an awesome idea!!!!
Please be sure to let us know when the next session begins. We are sure to do it again!!! Thank you and have a wonderful summer!
– Chris’ mom
I have always been very pleased with First Shot. I think Joel does a fabulous job in pulling this program together. I see the building of character and self esteem that the kids learn. The instructors are also very caring and nurturing. They have a genuine love for the children and the game.
– Crystal’s mom, Forest Hills
On Sunday night, Jason is already getting his First Shot t-shirt ready for next Saturday’s class. I see his confidence growing with each lesson. We wish all of his teachers had the patience and understanding of your coaches.
– Jason’s parents, Flushing
My son graduated from First Shot about 7 years ago. He loved it. I’m so glad you are still around for his 6 year old baby brother who just joined your program. Thanks.
– Asif’s mother, Briarwood
I really appreciate what Daniel has learned about sportsmanship. It has made a difference in the way he plays with friends.
– Daniel’s mom, Rego Park
We think you guys are doing a great job. Matthew loves going to basketball lessons every week. Keep up the good work.
– Matthew's parents, Rego Park
My boys are very happy to be in your school. They look forward to it all week. You have a wonderful staff and they are learning much more than they did in a league.
– Alex & Craig’s mother, Little Neck
You are the best and yes, I am very proud of my son. He would not be where he is without your help.
– Ben's Mother, Holliswood
From my observation, you’ve been doing this for some time. I must commend you for having a program that is well organized and professional. Keep up the great work that you do. I’ll certainly recommend the program to others.
– Ari’s mother, Jamaica Estates
We are very happy with your program as well as our son’s progress within it. We feel the instruction is age/level appropriate and the teachers are both enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Thanks.
– Isaiah’s father, Oakland Gardens
My son loves this program! Great fun, great exercise and good teamwork skills. Also helps a lot in building self-esteem. Thanks.My son loves this program! Great fun, great exercise and good teamwork skills. Also helps a lot in building self-esteem. Thanks.
– Zack’s mom, Rego Park
I have to say I am very pleased with your program. I like the small grouping and the different activities throughout the two hours. The only complaint is that you do not have any programs in the Bronx. It would definitely do some good here for the younger kids. Thank you for everything. It is definitely worth the expense and travel.
– Davon’s mom
Love the program. Coaches are great – keep them. The classes were well taught. My daughter attended the Sunday morning classes in Rego Park. The instructors, Coach Greg & Coach AJ were superb. The interaction with the kids and parents was great! We will be back next year!
– Sam’s mom
My son Ari was attending Sunday class in Rego Park. It was his first year of basketball. He absolutely loved it! The coaches were caring but also professional and knew how to discipline when necessary. Ari learned a lot. We are definitely going to register for next year classes.
– Ari’s mom
My son loves his intro class very much; a few weeks ago he could barely bounce the ball twice in a row and now he is dribbling much better; he is also enjoying himself very much. He looks forward to Saturday mornings and has even asked us to get him a hoop at home so he could practice! Great job!
– Johnny’s mom
Gopaal loves it. Thank You so much. He really feels bad when there is no class. I want to thank you and your coaches.
– Gopaal’s mom
To all at First Shot basketball, I have nothing but the highest compliments for you and your staff. My boys love the classes and I love the non-competitive, team building environment. I especially love the coaches who are patient and look like they really love what they do. Thank you for offering such a wonderful program.
– Steven and Brandon’s mom
James loves going to Basketball. We signed him up for Baseball, which coincides with Basketball some weeks. We give him the choice and he chooses Basketball every time! We will definitely continue with First Shot…
– James’ mom
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