Basketball Lessons in Rego Park, Queens: The Confidence Builder for Kids

Basketball Lessons in Rego Park, Queens: The Confidence Builder for Kids

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Does your child hang back in the park? If so, he/she may be afraid someone will ask him to be part of a basketball pick-up game. If he does play, and quickly passes the ball rather than try for a shot, he  may not feel confident in his ability. Watching the game on T.V. with family is fine, but to children it feels very different when on the court with their peers. Basketball is not only a team sport, it is a social sport. With a group of kids all learning at the same level, it makes it easy for them to talk to one another and even strike up a friendship. First Shot Basketball School has been teaching the game to children ages 3-15 in Queens NY for 25 years. With non-competitive classes for beginners and competitive programs for more experienced players, all  lessons are taught by caring experienced basketball teachers not volunteers who donate their time.  Our coaches make it fun and easy for kids to learn.

Beginners will learn the fundamentals like shooting, passing, and dribbling. They will learn offense and defense and even play full court games all in a healthy camp like environment. Because our classes are small, kids get lots of individual attention to ensure they have the best basketball experience possible.  Most importantly, our coaches are trained to communicate kindly with all the players, giving them the skills and the confidence.  We encourage each child’s effort so they come away feeling good about themselves and their performance.

Our program is not about winning.  Kids ask “who won?” and our answer is, “if you had fun, you won.”  Our message to the children  is always filled with support and an expectation that he/she will learn and do well.  We find that our confidence in them will overcome the confidence they may lack in themselves.

You can find out more about First Shot Basketball at or call 718.2757974.

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