• Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn

    During this First Shot lesson, Coach Scott asked the players to fill in the missing word of this quote:
    “Sometimes you win, sometimes you _ _ _ _ _ .
    Everyone answered “lose” which was not the answer we were hoping for.
    Since wanting to win is natural, teaching children the value of losing is not an easy task. …

  • Kids Come In All Sizes

    Kids come in all sizes, so do our baskets. At this gym, we have 8′, 9′ and 10′ baskets in addition to adjustable hoops for our Pee Wees and SuperTots.Basketballs also come in 4 sizes, so your child can learn the proper technique using correctly-sized equipment.
    That, in addition to our expert coaching staff, is just one of the criteria that separates First Shot from other programs.

  • Coach Val Conducting a Defense Drill

    Coach Val is conducting a Defense Drill. Key points are: Low stance, weight on the front of the feet, not the heels. Hands ready to steal the ball or intercept the pass. Most young defenders watch the ball or the player’s eyes which is wrong, and could allow them to be “faked out’ by a good dribbler. We teach the defenders to look at the ball handler’s chest and to stay between his man and the basket.

  • Limbo!

    At First Shot we integrate skills with games to make learning lots of fun. Here the students are playing LIMBO and must dribble the ball under the rope as it is lowered in height with each turn under the rope.

  • Defense!

    Coach Val conducts a one-on-one drill with our Pee Wee Class (ages 5-6) where the offense has 10 seconds to take one shot to try and score. The defending player tries to prevent the shot. The drill teaches dribbling, shooting and the lost art of DEFENSE.

  • Powerball!

    In our Powerball Advanced Training Class, Coach Scott initiates a ball handling drill focusing on perfecting the ability to switch hands without looking down. The cones create an obstacle forcing players to go side to side. No matter the players’ height, ball handling skills are essential for individual talent as well as for supporting the team.

  • Playing the “Lorena Game”

    Playing the “Lorena Game.” This challenging game was named after a student who excelled in the activity. The object is to protect your ball while trying to steal your opponent’s. Not easy. Will your child have a game named after him or her?

  • First Shot Basketball School jump shot

    Game On!

    Game on! The excitement starts with the Jump Ball.

  • First Shot Basketball School "Beat the Coaches" exercise

    “Beat the Coaches”

    “Beat The Coaches,” a favorite at First Shot. Three kids vs two coaches; a fun exercise that motivates players to do their best and learn from coaches who do it better.

  • First Shot Basketball School lay-up

    The Lay-Up

    The lay-up is the easiest shot in basketball, but hard to learn. At First Shot, we teach the lay-up using reverse-mechanics technique.

  • First Shot Basketball School summer session coaches

    Summer Session Coaches

    Meet our fabulous First Shot Summer Session Coaches: (from left) Val, Amarylys, John and Scott. They are just four of the reasons why parents choose First Shot for their kids to learn basketball. Bravo to them and all of our amazing Coaches.